Despite the substantial knowledge accumulated by past research, the exact mecha- nisms of the pathogenesis of schizophrenia and causal treatments still remain un- clear. Deficits of cognition and information processing in schizophrenia are today often viewed as the primary and core symptoms of this devastating disorder. These deficits likely result from disruptions in the coordination of neuronal and neural ac- tivity. The aim of this review is to bring together convergent evidence of discoordi- nated brain circuits in schizophrenia at multiple levels of resolution, ranging from principal cells and interneurons, neuronal ensembles and local circuits, to large‐scale brain networks. We show how these aberrations could underlie deficits in cognitive control and other higher order cognitive‐behavioural functions. Converging evidence from both animal models and patients with schizophrenia is presented in an effort to gain insight into common features of deficits in the brain information processing in this disorder, marked by disruption of several neurotransmitter and signalling sys- tems and severe behavioural outcomes